The SSCT Workshops on In Vitro Toxicology

Since the start of SSCT, annual workshops on in vitro toxicology have been held in the autumn each year, and they are now held every second year. They have been organised by a member of SSCT on a volunteer basis and the place for the meetings have rotated betweeen the Nordic countries or been arranged as merged meetings together with other European organisations with similar interests. The duration of the meetings have generally been three to four days and the number of participants have been between 50 and 100. The scientific presentations have usually been a few invited speakers, among them the Björn Ekwall Memorial Lecture, and several 15 minutes platform presentations. Typical sessions of the meetings are Mechanisms and biotransformation, In vitro toxicity testing and Validation of in vitro methods. The proceedings from the meetings have been published in ATLA (Alternatives to Laboratory Animals, published by FRAME, Nottingham, UK ) from the start until 2007 (The Grinda meeting in 2006) and from the Salzau meeting in 2007 in Toxicology In Vitro (Elsevier). The proceedings from the meeting 2013 in Charlottenlund will be published in Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology.

The year, place and organiser of the past workshops:

Workshop 31: 2017, Helsinki, Finland, joint organisation by ECOPA, SSCT and FICAM Tampere University/Prof Tuula Heinonen and co-workers

Workshop 30: 2015, Bommersvik, Sweden, joint Swetox-SSCt workshop, Anna Forsby and co-workers

Workshop 29: 2013, Charlottenlund, Denmark, Line Mathiesen, Lisbeth E. Knudsen and co-workers. Abstracts and a summary of the workshop in Charlottenlund can be found here: Summary, Abstract.

Workshop 28: 2011, Tampere, Finland, joint meeting with FINCOPA. Tuula Heinonen and co-workers

Workshop 27: 2009, Lázne Sedmihorky, Czech Republic. Miroslav Cervinka and Zuzana Cervinková

Workshop 26: 2008, Djurönäset, Sweden, joint meeting with ESTIV2008. Cecilia Clemedson and co-workers

Workshop 25: 2007, Salzau, Germany. Hasso Seibert

Workshop 24: 2006, Grinda, Sweden. Helena Gustafsson and co-workers.

Workshop 23: 2005, Toila, Estonia, joint meeting with Estonian Society of Toxicology. Anne Karhu

Workshop 22: 2004, Zegreze, Poland (The INVITOX/SSCT workshop), Marika Nordin Andersson and Derek Sladowski

Workshop 21: 2003, Tampere, Finland, Hanna Tähti and Inga Christianson-Heiska.

Workshop 20: 2002, Oxford, England, Anna Forsby in collaboration with Roland Grafström (the European Tissue Culture Society) and John Masters (the British Prostate group).

Workshop 19: 2001, Ringstedt, Denmark, Jørgen Clausen

Workshop 18: 2000, Stockholm, Sweden, Cecilia Clemedson

Workshop 17: 1999, Röstånga, Sweden, Per Kjellstrand, Gambro AB, Lund & Björn Ekwall, CTLU

Workshop 16: 1998, Tallinn, Estonia – organised by Anne Kahru & collegues as a joint meeting with the Estonian Society of Toxicology

Workshop 15: 1997, Roskilde, Denmark, Sören Achim-Nielsen & Jörgen Clausen

Workshop 14: 1996, Uppsala, Sweden, Björn Ekwall & Barbro Ekwall

Workshop 13: 1995, Tampere, Finland, Hanna Tähti

Workshop 12: 1994, Ustaoset, Norway, Knut-Jan Andersen

Workshop 11: 1993, Klintholm habour, Denmark, Eva Selzer-Rasmussen

Workshop 10: 1992, Visby, Sweden, Björn Ekwall & Cecilia Clemedson

Workshop 9: 1991, Nagu, Finland, Boris Isomaa

Workshop 8: 1990, Kongsvoll, Norway, Tore Syversen

Workshop 7: 1989, Ebeltoft, Denmark, Dorthe Arenholt-Bindslev

Workshop 6: 1988, Göteborg, Sweden, Lars Rönnbäck & Elisabeth Hansson

Workshop 5: 1987, Espoo, Helsinki, Finland, Kaija Linnainmaa

Workshop 4: 1986, Lysebu, Oslo, Norway, Arne Hensten-Peterssen

Workshop 3: 1985, Roskilde, Denmark, Jörgen Clausen

Workshop 2: 1984, Uppsala, Sweden, Björn Ekwall & Jan Selling

Workshop 1: 1983, Uppsala, Sweden, Björn Ekwall