§1. Scandinavian Society for Cell Toxicology (SSCT) is a society of persons with knowledge and experience within the field of in vitro cytotoxicology. Associations and companies can also be members of the society.

§2. The aim of the SSCT is to promote the development of in vitro cytotoxicology in the Nordic countries and also to create possibilities for informal communication among in vitro cytotoxicologists. This can be achieved by arranging conferences and scientific lectures. The society also works for other kinds of exchange and information between members and introduces external scientific input by arranging guest lectures. Other parties in society may also be informed about the possibilities and latest discoveries / findings/ in in vitro cytotoxicology by SSCT. The society finds it desirable to reduce the use of animal testing.

§3. Application for membership should be made in writing to the board committee. Membership is open to everyone who has been or is an active and experienced researcher, which can be defined as having published at least one paper in the field of in vitro cytotoxicology in a recognised journal or having been co-author to at least two such papers. Persons with interest in in vitro cytotoxicology or newcomers to research in the field who do not possess such qualifications can be accepted as associate members, who implies all rights and duties of membership except the right to vote at meetings and eligibility for membership of the board committee. Associations and companies become associate members. Membership of the society has to be approved by the board committee. Meritorious Nordic or foreign in vitro cytotoxicologists can, proposed by the board committee, be elected as honorary members at the annual meeting. A member should on resignation from the society notify the SSCT secretary in writing. A member shall cease to be considered active upon non-payment of the annual fee after a period of two years.

§4. The affairs of the SSCT are handled by a board committee, which is elected at the annual meeting. An election committee suggests to the members at the annual meeting which candidates are electable to the board committee. The election committee of three persons from different countries is elected at the annual meeting. The board committee is composed of a chairman, a vice chairman, a secretary, a treasurer and three additional members. The committee should be composed of at least one representative from each country (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden). The term of office for each post within the committee is two years, after which the posts should be newly elected. The time in each post is not limited but it is encouraged exchange of members. All posts in the board committee should, if possible, rotate between the Nordic countries.

§5. The members of the committee should share the practical tasks as much as possible. The following tasks are designated to certain members: Chairman – leads the meetings of the society and is the external representative of the society. Vice chairman – has the greatest responsibility for the scientific programme of SSCT, and replaces the chairman in his/her absence. Secretary – takes the minutes at meetings and the board committee meetings and is in charge of the documents of the society. Treasurer – is in charge of keeping the accounts and membership register.

§6. The board committee meets at least once a year as called by the chairman. The board committee can also meet at the request of two committee members. The committee is quotate when the chairman of the meeting and at least three board committee members are present. Voting is open unless otherwise requested. The chairman has the casting vote when voting is tied. Records should be kept during board committee and annual meetings. If two-thirds of the members agree on a decision, the matter can be decided per capsulam.

§7. The financial year of the society runs from 1 January to 31 December. The annual meeting of SSCT should be held between the months of April at the earliest and November at the latest on a date decided by the board committee; yet, it should preferably fall in connection with the annual scientific committee of the society. At the annual meeting the board committee report and the auditor’s report are presented. A decision is made about granting the committee discharge, and about a size of annual fee. Further, board committee members, two auditors, three election committee members and two members to check the minutes for the annual meeting are elected. The call to attend the annual meeting should be sent out one month prior to the meeting itself. The annual meeting forms a quorum when the meeting has been called according to the statues. An extra-ordinary annual meeting can be held at the request of the board committee by it’s own decision or if demanded by at least one-third of the members. A call for an extra- ordinary annual meeting together with its agenda is sent to the members at the latest one month prior the meeting.

§8. The society is a non-profit-making association and the annual fee, which has to be collected, should be used for postage, phone bills, essential conference and meeting costs. If possible, a fund should be established from contributions from the state, industry and private persons. The fund should be administered by the board committee and used to support science within in vitro cytotoxicology as scholarships and grants to members or as awards to external researchers.

§9. In memory of Björn Ekwall, an award named “The Björn Ekwall Memorial Award”, consisting of a sum of money, will yearly be awarded to a scientist who has made significant contributions to the field of in vitro toxicology. To finance the award, a separate fund, “The Björn Ekwall Memorial Foundation (BEMF)”, is set up within the SSCT. Companies, organizations and private donors will be asked to contribute to the fund. A separate committee will be set up within the SSCT to manage all practical and financial matters of the BEMF, including selection of the recipient of the award. The committee should be composed of 5 members and is to be elected by the SSCT annual meeting. The activities and responsibilities of the BEMF committee are addressed in the internal regulations of the BEMF, which can only be amended by the SSCT annual meeting. The committee is to report on the activities of the BEMF at the annual meeting of the SSCT. To monitor the activities and finances of the BEMF, an auditor will be elected by the SSCT annual meeting.

§10. Changes of statues can only be enacted at ordinary annual meetings. Written suggestions should in this case be sent to the committee at the latest two months before an ordinary annual meeting. The suggestions should then be sent to members within the call for the annual meeting. A change in the statues requires two-thirds majority among those members present and voting should be closed. The dissolution of the society should be executed as described here for a change in the statues.

§11. The scientific meetings of the society are held for paying members of the society. Non-members can participate if they pay an extra charge. English is the official language at the scientific meetings of the society.

Update approved in the general assembly 26th September 2013.